The world premiere of
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
59E59 Theaters
September 30 - October 24, 2015
A new play by Kevin Armento 
commissioned and developed by OYL Theater Company  
An illicit affair between a high school math teacher and her fifteen year-old student is told
through the eyes of the student's cell phone. 
A breakneck journey from pockets to purses, through text messages and photo galleries, please excuse my dear aunt sally takes us inside a unique perspective on human interaction, and tries to unpack some of life's most complex equations.

In Kevin Armento's please excuse my dear aunt sally, our narrator tries to break down
complicated human experiences through an order of operations you may remember from middle school.


Christina Bennett Lind
Danny Bernardy
Sarah-Jane Casey
Nick Flint
Ethan Slater
Playwright: Kevin Armento
Director: Ianthe Demos
Choreographer: Natalie Lomonte
Associate Producer: Jackie Kristel
Original Score: Estelle Bajou
Set Design: James Hunting & Olivia Mcgiff
Light Design: Mike Riggs
Costume Design: Kenisha Kelly
Multi-Media Design: Scott J. Fetterman


sketches by designer Olivia Mcgiff with text excerpts from
please excuse my dear aunt sally. inspired by OYL's development workshopJanuary 12-17, 2015.