Pieces of the Moon
Pieces of the Moon

Pieces of the Moon is a new theatrical event that parallels two sides of America during a paradigm shift, that examines the energetic rise of the Black Arts Movement beside the scientific marvel of touching the stars with the first Moon Landing. 

This cosmically adventurous work draws on the personal lives of the three Apollo 11 astronauts alongside the life and music of Gil Scott-Heron... contrasting the vastly different Americas of the time: clashing economic and social priorities, the rise of the Black Arts Movement, and the collision of events that formulated the space race. The script merges pieces of historical text, including political speeches, sermons, poems, conversations, letters, phone calls, the lunar landing radio transcript, music, and song. We explore how connections and divisions between people and communities shape who we are, who we become, and how we are remembered. 

This unique theatrical event features aerial acrobatics, live music, ballroom dancing and a diverse cast ranging in age from 12 to 70 years.

A deep study into the moon landing, the events surrounding it, and how we remember this historic event, Pieces of the Moon is a complex spectacle. 

After 3 development workshops, the participation of over 20 actors, an aerial showing at 5th Wall Studios in Brooklyn, and with the extraordinary support and partnership of Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston, TX and The Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, AR, this project is almost ready to launch.
We were honored to be invited by Walton Arts Center to present a series of three public readings of the current script as part of their Artosphere Festival, in June 2019. 
Pieces of the Moon will premiere at Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston TX on August 28, 2020


CAST (Radioplay version)

Danny Bernardy, Eric Berryman, Eon Grey, Noelle Hogan, Leon Ingulsrud, Nathaniel Kent 
Christina Bennett Lind, Adesola Osakalumi, Violeta Picayo, Cristina Pitter, Richard Saudek, Shona Tucker 


JULY, 2018 SEED DEVELOPMENT Papingo, Greece
NOV, 2018 WORKSHOP Brooklyn, NY
APR, 2019 WORKSHOP + Reading Brooklyn, NY
JUN 2019 ARTOSPHERE FESTIVAL READING SERIES Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, AR
JUL 20 - 23, 2019 SCRIPT WORKSHOP Papingo, Greece
OCT 7, 2019 INVITED READING Open Jar Studios, NYC
NOV, 2019 FLIGHT WORKSHOP The Muse, Brooklyn
APR, 2020 RadioPlay Script adaption begins New York, NY
MAY, 2020 RadioPlay rehearsals New York, NY
JUN, 2020 RadioPlay Studio Recoding FLUX Studios, New York
JUL, 2020 World Premiere - Livestream Radioplay New York, Houston, San Diego