Leaselab: Started in 2008, this is the new play development arm of OYL for our mainstage productions. Our process includes commissioning established playwrights to work collaboratively with the OYL ensemble in the creation of new plays to be premiered by OYL.
Over the last two years, OYL’s mainstage programming has focused on creating new work inspired by seminal historical events. By taking seminal historical moments in time and looking at them from a collective vision that accounts for the varying perspectives at the time of the event as well as questions regarding our collective memories, amnesia, and responsibilities, we believe we are initiating and supporting important intergenerational as well as intercultural conversations through the theater.
OYL Megaphone: Started in 2017, this is the secondary new play development program specifically for young, un-produced playwrights. OYL supports the development of two new plays per year through a series of workshops and readings, culminating in one annual production.
The OYL Apprentice Program, started in 2007. The program, set in the remote mountains of Northern Greece, is a four-week deep immersion into the history of theater, the art of collaboration, and the exploration of the individual artist.
Workshops for the Actor in NYC, started in 2015. These free workshops for local professional actors provide insight into the creative process and tools OYL uses to create new plays.