The Tender Mercies

Written by:
Directed by:

Sladjana Vujovic
Jessi D. Hill
Teatro Circulo

Zig thought he could talk his way out of anything.  That is, until he met Rose.  Now he finds himself locked away, playing a very dangerous game.  Welcome to The Tender Mercies, where the only difference between wordplay and a war game is a weapon.

"... The action is paced to perfection... " - W. Kenton,

 "... purposefully ambiguous in its restraint and minimalism ..." - Aaron Riccio,


Christina Bennett Lind*
Jim Kane*
Gregory Waller*

Production Team:

Playwright: Sladjana Vujovic
Director: Jessi D. Hill
Stage Manager: Colleen M. Sherry*
Dramaturgs: Amanda Culp & Jessica Applebaum
Set Design: James Hunting
Lighting Design: Mike Riggs
Sound Design: Nathan Leigh
Costume Design: Paul Carey
Graphics Design: Brian M. Thomas

*indicates AEA member