Teaser Cow
Written by:
Directed by:

1/14/10 – 2/4/10
Clay Mcleod Chapman
Ianthe Demos
Teatro Circulo

Meet an epically dysfunctional family plucked from Greek mythology and dropped square in the middle of Fast Food Nation.

In Clay McLeod Chapman’s teaser cow King Minos is a cattle baron hell-bent on world beef domination. Queen Pasiphaë can’t stay off the sauce. Their daughter spends her days slinging burgers and huffing cow patties to get high. And their son? He’s the Minotaur — a half-man, half-bull monster that only a mother could love.

Toss in a twelve-step program, a couple of severed fingers, and a kid-hating corporate mascot in a plush suit, and you’ve got one deliciously disturbing dark comedy.

"teaser cow is extraordinary... Chapman's writing is brilliant...
One Year Lease's production of teaser cow should be the first play you make sure you don't miss in 2010."

— Richard Hinjosa, NYTheatre.com

"A viscerally thrilling piece of work... One of the most interesting pieces I've seen in ages."
— Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World

teaser cow should satisfy most audiences. The plot is cleverly constructed and entertaining…”
— Jonathan Lim, OffOffOnline

teaser cow . . . rival[s] the sardonic wit of any Weeds episode . . . .
an ambitious play that’s well worth
the price of admission.”
– Chris Kompanek, Flavorpill


Danny Bernardy*
Sarah-Jane Casey*
Nick Flint
Babis Gousias
Jim Kane*
Christina Bennett Lind*
Gregory Waller*

Production Team:

Playwright: Clay Mcleod Chapman
Director: Ianthe Demos
Choreography by: Austin McCormick
Stage Management: Rosy Garner*
Dramaturg: Jessica Kaplow Applebaum
Assistant Dramaturg: Amanda Culp
Lighting Design: Mike Riggs
Set Design: James Hunting
Assistant Set Design: Kira Nehmer
Sound Design: Nathan Leigh
Costume Design: Kay Lee
Publicity: Sarah Parvis
Graphic Design: Brian Michael Thomas

*indicates AEA member