Written by:
Directed by:

04/11/07 - 05/05/07
Brendan Cowell
Ianthe Demos
Abingdon Theater

Phil is a guy you'll love to hate… but he might just charm your pants off. Literally. Spend an evening with Phil and see his darkly comic misadventures in Bed. From schoolboy dalliances and college trysts to marital failure and home-bound houseboys, Phil’s relationship roller coaster will entertain, appall, and maybe even shock you with a hint of the familiar.

This dark comedy explored the best and the very worst of relationships and posed the question: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

“The actors of One Year Lease demonstrate throughout Bed how talented they are...”
- Doug Strassler, “Seduction Scenes,” OffOffOnline, April 19, 2007

“Each member of the largely Australian and New Zealander cast is spot on, but Flint deserves special mention for walking the tightrope of Phil's character with such finesse: Tip one way and he's merely a bully;
tip the other way and he's a little boy lost...

- A.J. Well, Backstage, April 23, 2007

“Nick Flint as Phil is excellent in a role which calls for manipulation masked as affection, and his slick body language mirrors his sociopathic intent. The ensemble form a distinct, yet multi-faceted web of need and desire, feeding off their own insecurities. 
This exceptional chamber piece... keeps the audience wholly involved and never wanting to crawl under the covers.”
- Andrew Gilchrist, Hi! Drama, MNN Network, Channel 57



Sarah-Jane Casey
Nico Evers-Swindell
Nick Flint
Emma Jackson
Ana Lucas
Nick Stevenson

Production Team:

Playwright: Brendan Cowell
Director: Ianthe Demos
Lighting Designer: Mike Riggs
Set Designer: James Hunting
Sound Designer: Dave Chessman
Costume Designer: Victoria Tzykun
Production Assistant: Jessica Kaplow Applebaum
Publicity: Sarah Parvis
Graphic Design: Brian Thomas